Experiential Science Education - Yanayacu, Ecuador 2010

Courtney Shillenn

Hometown:  Cheyenne, Wyoming

University/Department:  University of Wyoming: Zoology/Physiology

Why did you decide to go on the Yanayacu Research Trip?  I always like to play with bugs when I was little and I wanted to see what it was like to play with bugs when I was big.

What was the most important thing you learned?  They weren't kidding when they said, "rainforest".

How has this experience changed you?   I've learned how intensive it is to do research of this scope and this might be something I want to do.

What are your plans for the future?  I plan on going to grad school for a PhD.

What advice would you give a young scientist?  Find your passion if you don't it will be miserable.

If you would like to ask Courtney a question about science please send her an email at:  Courtney_j_s@hotmail.com