Experiential Science Education - Yanayacu, Ecuador 2010

Janine Pfefferle

Hometown:  Cheyenne, Wyoming

University/Department:   University of Wyoming:  Microbiology and Molecular Biology

Why did you decide to go on the Yanayacu Research Trip?  Insect biology is my minor and I work in the museum on Ichneumonidae and I really like it.

What was the most important thing you learned?  I am learning patience.  

How has this experience changed you?  It is my first time out of the country, it has broadened my horizons and it has been character building.

What are your plans for the future?  I want to finish school and then maybe graduate school or medical school.  

What advice would you give a young scientist?  Be curious about everything.  Ask a lot of questions and it is ok to be wrong.  

If you would like to ask Janine a question about science, please email her at:  jpfeffe1@uwyo.edu