Experiential Science Education - Yanayacu, Ecuador 2010

Kathleen Meyers


Hometown:  Powell, Wyoming

University/Department:  University of Wyoming:  Agroecology and Renewable Resources

Why did you decide to go on the Yanayacu Research Trip?  Because I love Ecuador

What was the most important thing you learned?  I am more aware of the environment, a caterpillar is not just a caterpillar.  Their is a whole relationship around it, a plant and/or a parasitoid.

How has this experience changed you?    It has made me more aware of what a scientist can do with their passion.  I used to think that science was sitting in a lab and testing things but there is a whole other aspect, field work.

What are your plans for the future?  I want to continue in entomology.  Maybe work for the USDA doing biocontrol or maybe work at a field station.

What advice would you give a young scientist?  Don't be afraid to try something new.  Even if it seems scary.  It will work out.

If you would like to ask Kathleen a question about science please send her an email at:  mariposa@uwyo.edu